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Minutes Sep 22,2021

  • Secretary's Corner

    • .                    

61-57 Maspeth Ave.

Maspeth N.Y. 11378


E-mail  VVAChapter32@AOL.com


Founding Principle:

“Never Again Will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another”


Pres. , Board Member
Douglas Williams


Treasurer, Board Member

Paul. A. Feddern 


Board Member

Ray Ohrablo


Board Member

Thomas (Milk) Bullaro_


1st VP, Board Member

Don Fedynak


Board Member

Jay Marksheid


2nd. V.P. , Board Member
Michael Daughtry


Secretary, Board Member

Phil Scanlan


Board Member, Al Ranni








Board of Directors Meeting

BOD meeting began: Sep 22, 2021; 1P.M.



1.                  The attendance was taken. See Chart Above and Roll Call:   Gary Buschini, Bob Boisselle, Wayne Weisberg, Vincent Mogavero, George Savastide, Bill Hartnett, Rubens Galchin, Lennie Williams, Bob Burns, Fred Gundel, Thomas VanEtten, Ziggy, Guest.

Continuation into General Meeting with like agenda items.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance. Statement of Motto and query regarding members in need. 
  2. Doug opened general  meeting with open discussion of items:  (repeated from BOD)
    1. Discussion of Chapter Anniversary Party together with Holiday Party.
    2. Chapter Gym Bags were distributed to all present if wanted as not popular. / Stop and Shop Gift Card being reviewed on a continuing basis.
    3. VFW 4787 invitation to a meeting and Paul advised they will be giving up their Charter and transferring membership elsewhere.
    4. Open discussion of catered meals at Chapter Meetings.
    5. Availability of wheelchairs remains under control of MTH.
    6. Covid19 Pandemic has surpassed Spanish Flu 1918.
    7. Discussion of Booster Vaccinations, Phil has received his at Harbor Side. Others reported several boosters pending.
    8. Phil advised of several items available for donation to anyone interested (Omron BP machine, Hearing aid cups and a treadmill) and BP machine was accepted and tested by Ziggy as a companion to the AED in the bar area. Treadmill considered for street fairs until Tommy Milk threatened Phil with decapitation. 



  1. Concerns with Health issues Tom Holloran suffered Strokes, hospitalized, otherwise unknown; Joe Panzotti with issues of Tumors and Cancer and radiation treatments; Russ recovering at home.
  2. MIA/POW event was accomplished. Community involvement light. As to Chapter Doug considered it as ‘job well done’. 
  3. Senator Adabbo, Howard Beach BBQ requires RSVP. Howard Beach Motor Club. Grab and Go event.
  4. Chapter 40th Anniversary together with Holiday Party Dec. 11th5-9P.M. Survey exists on website for headcount. DJ Ray will conduct. 
  5. Paul gets the floor to discuss DMV registration; National Convention at Greensboro, NC on Nov 2-7, 2021. 
  6. Joe Panzardi et al, VFW Post 4787 sent letter re: Memorializing Manny and Ken Trautman, Members of the VFW Post, and in support of Chapter 32 activities, with a check as donation in amount of $10,000.
  7. Paul also issued a call for increased member participation, 'even if only for moral support’.
  8. Convention discussed with shirts, hotel reservation / billing and registration concerns. Allowance or meals. 
  9. Review Minutes and Accepted & Seconded. Minutes Stand.
  10. Brief presentation by Chaplain Tom.
  11. Review of October events.
  12. Repeat of NYSDMV & Thruway benefit de: Paul Feddern.

🎉🎉🎉Chapter Party Saturday Dec. 11th.🎉🎉🎉

Meeting Closed and 50/50 conducted.


       The General Meeting Ended at: Sep. 22, 2021 @ 3:00  P.M. approx. 



The Vietnam Veteran, Convention Issue: