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Minutes Meeting 04272022



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61-57 Maspeth Ave.
Maspeth N.Y. 11378
E-mail  vvachapterqueensny@gmail.com@


Pres. , Board Member Douglas Williams
Treasurer, Board Member
Paul. A. Feddern 
Board Member
Ray Ohrablo
Board Member
Thomas (Milk) Bullaro_
1st VP, Board Member
Don Fedynak
Board Member
Jay Marksheid
2nd. V.P. , Board Member Michael Daughtry
Secretary, Board Member
Phil Scanlan
Board Member, Al Ranni
Board Member, John Rowan 
Board Member, Lennie Williams

  Board of Directors Meeting
BOD meeting began: April 27, 2022 @ 12:00 P.M.

1. The attendance was taken. See Chart Above and Roll Call:Fred Gundel, Dan Angeles, Gary Buschini  in attendance.   
2. Doug opened BOD meeting, 
.  . Continuation into General Meeting with like agenda items.

 Pledge of Allegiance. Statement of Motto.

Discussion of VA closings of Hospitals local to Queens  Chapter. Included are Harborside, St Albans and NYC 23 rd. St. /First Ave with either closing or at least repurposing. NYC medical needs will be redirected to NJ.
Lin Johnson, Veteran and  VA Outreach Mgr will be our guest speaker at the General Meeting.

Street Fairs determined at the recent Special BOD Meeting will be examined and Permits will be acquired by our new Co-Treasurers (Al and Lennie). Further discussion of needed steps to acquire merchandise. (Paul: Hats from website). Applications for Street Fairs (Clearview Events, Rob).

PLAV issue of when we hold our meetings and possibilities of interference with hall rentals. Consideration of holding meeting in Chapter Room.

Doug, Al and Lennie went to Maspeth Federal 69th St to obtain Chapter Credit card. Requirements were discussed as:  as: Certificate of Incorporation, EIN, Members of Organization (BOD), further concerns with deceased members on the BOD. Two accounts exist as General and DYCD,( If audited only the DYCD account is a concern). Re-approaching in MFS Forest Hills branch to ease the requirements. 

Fred G. (PLAV) has requested we make a donation to a family burned out in Maspeth. Agreed by the BOD for $200. St. Stans School.

Vietnam Veterans Day, Water Street, NYC discussed details of celebration, transportation etc. As well as value of attending.

Added discussion of school kids requesting some Vietnam Veterans make a presentation on Vietnam Veterans Day, early in the AM. Past presentations were well received and with positive results in Queens elementary schools. Prior approvals of school principals and staff etc are required. TBD.

Celebration at Elmhurst  Memorial, Tuesday the 29th , with Queens DA and a number of local politicians, Borough President, Melinda Katz, Bob Holden. 

Spruce up the Garden Area is needed,  Russel BSA Troop Eagle Scout Project to erect a Flag Pole. Second week in April, weekend. Russ is Garden Manager and will be advised / consulted.

Mike O’Kane, John Rowan, Bob Holden and Queens County City Council Delegation had a virtual meeting on March 22nd. Funding (normally $40K +-) was discussed and an amount of $75K was put fort by the Delegation. Paul cautioned as to how and where to spend such a grant without a more certain plan. Generally it must be received with a outline of parameters as to the positive impact which should be accomplished, generally ‘on veterans’.

John Rowan opened a discussion of Federal Government (VA) issues with Presumptive qualifications. Additional medical concerns which presumptively qualify are to be considered which are of concern to the Chapter. Future of St. Albans is to be enhanced.

         The General Meeting Ended at: April 27, 2022,  @ 4:00  P.M. approx. 
Monthly Calendar:
Vietnam Veterans Day Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at Vietnam Memorial, Grand Ave 

Coming Events


Vietnam Veterans of America

2022 Street Fair Schedule

Join us for a few hours and have some fun. Lunch included.




[1] 4/24- Sunday- Myrtle Ave/Wyckoff

[2] 4/30 -Saturday- Grand Ave [Queens] festival

[3] 5/7 - Saturday- Sunnyside, Greenpoint Ave

[4] 6/5 - Sunday-Queens Pridefest 37rd

[5] 7/31- Sunday-Junction Blvd festival

[6] 8/7 - Sunday-30 Ave Astoria festival

[7] 8/14-Sunday– Steinway street

[8] 9/25- Sunday-Myrtle Ave “Queens” fair

[9] 10/15-Saturday- Greenpoint Festival

[10]10/16-Sunday- Broadway “Astoria”


Here are the upcoming events for May


May 21st. Saturday Senator Addabbo Atlas Park event. 12noon -2pm

If we want to set up a table and sell some hats maybe.

If we go the bus will leave at 11 am.



May 23rd. Monday Candlelight 69 st/ Grand ave. 8 pm?

The honor guard brings horn to play taps.

If it rains will be held at Kowalinski Post.


May 24th Tuesday  Mike Miller event 11 am

776 Fairview Ave. Ridgewood. The bus will leave at 10 am. 


May 25th. Wednesday Memorial Day event at Queens Borough Hall



May 26th. Thursday   Melinda Katz Observance at Elmhurst Park at 11 am

Honor guard event


May 29th. Sunday Maspeth Parade, the bus will leave at 10 am 

Honor Guard event 


May 30 Monday Littleneck Douglaston parade 10 am. 

also an honor guard event.


The honor guard uniform will be: White shirt, Gray Paints, gray hat, black shoes, no tie


The bus leaves from behind Pizza Classica on Union Turnpike





The next meeting will be on May 18 at 1 PM.

BOD will meet at 12 PM.

An in-person meeting at the PLAV Post 4.


Food from Frank's Deli.

Pot roast, meatloaf, baked ziti or penne vodka,  

mashed potatoes, gravy, and anti-pasta salad.





Attend what you can. Support your chapter.