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Minutes Aug 25, 2021

  • Secretary's Corner

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61-57 Maspeth Ave.

Maspeth N.Y. 11378


E-mail  VVAChapter32@AOL.com


RIP Manny, You will be missed dearly, by all your fellow veterans!

Founding Principle:

“Never Again Will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another”



Past President, Board Member

Manfred(Manny) Edenhofer


Press Relations, Board Member

Michael O'Kane, PP


Board Member

Raymond Orahblo


Pres. , Board Member
Douglas Williams


1st VP, Board Member

Don Fedynak


Board Member

Jay Marksheid


2nd. V.P. , Board Member
Michael Daughtry


Secretary, Board Member

Phil Scanlan


Board Member, Al Ranni


Treasurer, Board Member

Paul. A. Feddern 


Board Member

Thomas (Milk) Bullaro_



Appointed Chaplain- Thomas VanEttan

Board of Directors Meeting

BOD meeting began: Aug. 25, 2021; 1P.M.



1.                  The attendance was taken. See Chart Above and Roll Call: Rubens Galchin, Mike Miller, Fred Gundel, George Savastide, Lennie Williams, Bruce Wittman, Bob Boisselle, Wm Hartnett.

Continuation into General Meeting with like agenda items.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance. Statement of Motto and query regarding members in need. 
  2. Doug opened general  meeting with open discussion of items:  (repeated from BOD)
    1. Various street fairs in Queens.
    2. 9/11 Events: with Honor Guard, Dress Code, Private transport.
      1. Juniper Valley Park 9/11.
      2. Myrtle Ave @ 80th St.; Ray raised questions about attendance due to parking issues.
      3. September 17th POW/MIA Ceremony at Elmhurst Park Memorial Chapter Event.
      4. September 18th All Faiths Cemetery NYPD honoring USN Veterans. (Not honor guard).
      1. BBQ Glendale Post. Conflict w/ Junction Blvd Fair.
      2. Chapter Gym Bags / Gift Cards.
      3. Welcome Mike Miller as Associate Chapter Member.
      1. Concerns with Health issues with Russ Federn and Manny, Fast Eddie. Joe Panzotti with issues of Tumors and Cancer. 
      2. Issued a transporter chair through MTH. Brief discussion of eligibility.
      3. Holiday Party together with 40th Anniversary Celebration discussed as to date and in conjunction with PLAV.
      4. Convention discussed with shirts, hotel reservation / billing and registration concerns. Allowance or meals. 
      5. AAD Devices tagging discussed. Warning tags regarding battery life and Pediatric Pads etc. Further discussion of rescheduled training with PLAV.
      6. Mike Miller welcomed as Associate Member.
      7. Review Minutes and Accepted.
      8. Main goal of Street Fairs is to pass on information to Veterans.
      9. Repeat of NYSDMV & Thruway benefit de: Paul.
      10. Fred discussed PLAV Night at the Races.
      11. PLAV Meeting September 10, 7PM.
      12. PLAV Holiday party for kids discussed at length and further discussion with GloryAnn.
      13. Lennie questioned disability and need for VSO (45 years ago) recommended NYS VSO. 

4.                  John Rowan, Nat'l President VVoA; Southern District Director was present and addressed the meeting.

5.                  GloryAnn addressed meeting as to Xmas Party 2019.

1.  Chapter Party Saturday Dec. 11th.

2.  Phil advised regarding (cousin) Scott as Santa.

Meeting Closed and 50/50 conducted.





       The General Meeting Ended at: Aug. 25, 2021 @ 3:00  P.M. approx. 


 Epilogue: From Paul at PLAV Meeting Sept 10th:

Was at the chapter last night. Extensive water damage in basement. About 3 1/2 -4 feet of water had been there. All water out now but anything we had stored there has ruined and I believe the POW equipment is amongst it.  Have to make a decision about Friday night ceremony. We missed it last year. PLAV sends a big thank you to Doug and Tom V.for helping clean up. Still have a long way to go. The water actually bent the steel gate in the back and separated a cement block wall. They are waiting for the insurance co.to respond and can then file for FEMA coverage.