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Agenda April 30, 2021



Secretary's Corner

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61-57 Maspeth Ave.

Maspeth N.Y. 11378


E-mail  VVAChapter32@AOL.com

Founding Principle:

“Never Again Will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another”



President, Board Member

Manfred(Manny) Edenhofer


Press Relations, Board Member

Michael O'Kane, PP


Board Member

Raymond Orahblo

P V.P. , Board Member
Douglas Williams. Webmaster_

Board Member

Don Feldnyak


Board Member

Jay Marksheid

A 2nd. V.P. , Board Member
Michael Daughtry


Phil Scanlan

A Board Member
Kenneth Trautman

Treasurer, Board Member

Paul. A. Feddern 


Board Member

Thomas (Milk) Bullaro_



Appointed Chaplain- Thomas VanEttan

Board of Directors Meeting

BOD meeting began: Apr 30, 2021; 7:30 P.M.

  1. The attendance was taken. See Chart Above

  2. Elections issues to include Chapter 32 President as Manny is looking to step down. Secretary Position up for elections. Nominations are open for discussion.
  3. Sincere Appreciation is Expressed for Mannys' Service for his several years of service to the Chapter.

  4. Mike O'Kane Veterans Advisory Board Member attended Advisory Board Meeting. District Attorney & Melinda Katz Veterans Committee Meeting was concerned about minor issues not in its' usual purvue. Mike will provide copies of text for emails/ paper mail (preferred) for all members to Nominate Eric with 90 day window.
  5. Memorial Day Observance w/ Melinda Katz to visit Chapters Vietnam Memorial and usual locations visited to place floral arrangements. Paul concerned about supply of flowers and foam and will check.

  6. Paul Feddern announced in person meeting with significant member support at PLAV Main Hall scheduled for Wednesday, May 19th, at 1:00 PM. Equipment to support Hybrid virtual meeting was reviewed as iPads, cameras, web cams and tripods. Mike O'Kane is aware of a vendor to support video / YouTube version. Possible at PLAV outside area.
  7. John Rowan, Nat'l President VVoA; Southern District Director was present.

  8. Discussion of National Convention scheduled in Greensboro, NC. Chapter will be eligible for 5 Delegates. Mike, Milk (tentative) will attend.

Roll Call. Present: Board Members Above and Members listed below: Dan Seaman, Russ Feddern, Al Ranni, Bill Ellis, Mike Porcelli, Dan Angeles, Bob Burns,Bruce Hadley and Rubens Galchin.

  1. Acceptance of Minutes: Minutes 03/26/2021          Motion by: …  Second by:……

  2. Discussion of 'Emergency Contacts' and addition to Profile Pages. Under consideration.

  3. Discussion of Equipment purchased last several days and forwarded to Phil Scanlan at new premises on Wednesday. Plans being developed to install cloud device with all possible backup scenarios to protect connectivity for all iPads'. Plan in process with 3 units purchased and 2 of those initially installed at Phils' House (RAID UNIT) and  4TB unit at Dougs'! (Pending unit is slated for delivery to Dons' House, due to very significant volume of Photos' straining his iPad).

  4. As Cloud progresses new questions surface regarding such issues as known inventory of iPads, current location, age of units nearing obsolescence, Chapter wide Apple ID's, Audio Recording equipment available as well as condition.

  5. Senate / House Veterans Affairs only successful across the aisle effort in Administration. Progress on Agent Orange expanded to Thailand.

  6. Tom V. NYC will be properly advised when installation nears completion.

  7. Don raised point about Zoom Meeting being used continuing beyond the Chapters' return to live meetings for less inclined / less mobile members simultaneously with live meeting ie: HYBRID meeting. 

  8. Elections yielded Doug Williams as President, Don Feldnyack 1st VP, Phil Scanlan as Secy. Manny will remain on BOD. Polling to proceed to all members.


       The General Meeting Ended at: April 30, 2021 @  P.M.